Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


Most of these products are safe and can be effective if used long enough. The concentration of whitener in them is low in order to make them safe. They work well but require more use to produce the desired effect.


Is a dentist-supplied product that contains a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and will work faster than over-the-counter products. The patient has impressions of his or her mouth taken. Thin custom trays are fabricated to fit over the teeth. The appropriate whitening gel is supplied to the patient with instructions on how to use it and for how long.


Is a whitening procedure offered at Winchester Dental Spa. The active ingredient in this product is a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide is activated by light after taking special precaution to maintain the product on the teeth, away from the gums. The entire procedure takes about two hours.


Is a combination of the Zoom and the Take-home whitening procedures. The patient, after the Zoom procedure at the office, receives custom trays with whitening gel to continue the treatment at home for the deepest whitening possible. The patient will also receive a desensitizing rinse or a fluoride gel to minimize any discomfort.


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