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Helping people fall in love with their smiles

by Sasha Braithwaite photos by Monika Wertman For some, it is a normal appointment done at least twice a year. For others, it is a necessary evil. Going to the dentist has haunted many people since childhood, and it has the ability to unnerve the bravest person. However, it does...

Laughing Gas Gets A Safety Check

To anesthesiologists, laughing gas is no joke. Nitrous oxide was one of the first chemicals used to make surgery and tooth-pulling painless. Back in the 1840s, Horace Wells, a dentist in Hartford, Conn., did his best to popularize it as an anesthetic agent. Despite some failed demonstrations early on, use of the gas during surgery eventually...

Dr. Tammie heads to Jamaica

Dr. Tammie packs her dentist’s bag for Jamaica

Stephens City dentist to offer five days of free dental treatment to Jamaicans

By Rachel Hamman, The Sherando Times On September 25, 2010, Dr. Tammie Neal Miller will leave for the island of Jamaica. She is not going on a vacation, but is donating her services to the people who...