Finally Ready from CEREC Online

Finally Ready from CEREC Online

By Benjamin Nemec, CEREC Online

Roy, the president of a bank, always felt his teeth were too small for his mouth, including the upper right baby canine he never lost. Despite wanting to improve his smile for some time, it was the loss of this baby tooth that finally convinced Roy it was time to make some cosmetic changes.

Pre-treatment Conditions

We faced several obstacles with Roy's case:

  • The permanent upper right canine is impacted, making an implant impossible without major oral surgery.
  • Roy has a very active gag-reflex. The mere mention of the traditional impression process caused him visible anxiety and stress.
  • Several teeth required cosmetic enhancement: Roy needed work done on teeth 4 through 12.
  • Roy has sleep apnea and only uses his CPAP machine sporadically due to nightly discomfort.

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