Your First Visit

At Winchester Dental Spa, we strive for a personal, comprehensive, professional, and relaxing experience for all our patients. As a new patient this is what you will experience in your first visit to our office.

Our new patient examination is extremely thorough and impressive. We pursue the right treatment with patience, gentleness, and professionalism. It usually takes a minimum of 45 minutes. In some instances, where there are a lot of treatment choices, a second appointment may be necessary for you to fully understand the treatment plan to follow.

The first part of the examination is a detailed, personal, dental and medical history taken by our dental assistant. This is the best time for both you and our assistant to get to know each other. The assistant will then take a full mouth series of X-rays. The radiographic or x-ray examination entails taking a minimum of 18 radiographs. We use the most advanced and patient friendly digital system. This reduces the amount of radiation to you by 90%, and there are no harsh chemicals to discard to the environment. The x-ray sensors are round and soft for your comfort.

Dr. Miller will do the second part of the examination, which starts with the oral cancer screening. Last year there were over 9,000 Americans who died of mouth cancer. A more thorough oral cancer screening with a Velscope is also offered. This non-invasive exam allows her to detect early cancer cells in deeper tissues.

Dr Miller will then perform the occlusal-muscular-TMJ aspect of the examination. Here she is looking for damaged ligaments, tender muscles, incorrect bite, and bad masticatory habits to determine past, present and future problems with the masticatory system.

The clinical dental exam is performed with a mouth mirror, an explorer instrument and an intraoral camera. The intraoral camera allows you to be able to see what Dr Miller is looking for. She will look for worn restorations, dental decay, cracked teeth, etc. Dr Miller likes for you to actively participate in this process in order to gain a better understanding of your mouth.

The periodontal (gums) examination is one of the most important aspects of the new patient examination. Dr. Miller will gently probe between the teeth and gums. She will measure gum and bone height, mobility of teeth, bleeding, and suppuration (bacterial infection). New studies are finding links between periodontal infections and systemic health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, preterm labor, lung infections, and Alzheimer's disease.

Once all the of this information is gathered, Dr Miller will be able to fully understand you, first as a unique individual, and then as a patient seeking better oral and systemic health. You will meet with Dr Miller and her assistant to discuss the findings. Your treatment plan will follow on the same visit day or at your next visit. You will be reappointed to return for your second visit with one of our wonderful dental hygienists.

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